Wilhite Solar Solutions is One of Louisiana’s leading solar companies with approximately 1000 solar systems installed. All of Wilhite’s solar power installers are Louisiana Board Certified Electricians. Wilhite Electric performs the complete installation. There is no need to call anyone else. WILHITE DOES IT ALL!

SWEPCO and the other companies are working with Wilhite Solar to promote the benefits of Solar Energy.

Questions and Answers

Electricity generated by solar panels is referred to as PHOTOVOLTAIC energy. This tongue twisting word is often shortened to “PV,” and thus we refer to a solar system that generates electricity as a PV system. See our simple diagram of a PV solar electric system

Q. Who is Wilhite Solar Solutions, L.L.C.?
Wilhite Solar Solutions is a Louisiana limited liability company owned by Wilhite Electric Co. and a group of business people from Northwest Louisiana. Wilhite Electric Company is one of the largest electrical contractors in the state of Louisiana and has been in business since 1975. Wilhite Electric has been the electrical contractor on several multiple million dollar projects throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The other partners of Wilhite Solar consist of businessmen with several years of sales and management experience, bankers, attorneys and government administrators.

Q. What are the benefits of using Solar Power in Louisiana?
While using solar power in Louisiana has many benefits, two main benefits make it a desirable alternative for power. First, you can drastically reduce your costs associated with your electric bill and second, you can help protect our environment.

Q. What if my home is heavily shaded or I don’t want panels on my roof?
If you have room on your property with full sunlight facing south, a ground rack is an excellent option. These ground mounted systems are extremely efficient, can be placed in the best position for sunlight and pitched accurately to provide optimum performance.


Save Money

Every day the amount of energy the sun produces is thousands more than man can generate, and it does it all free. In the past, the problems involved with tapping into the sun for power have been great. Problems such as lagging technology and expensive generators have kept individuals from taking advantage of this great resource. However, advancements in technology such as the ability to use current wiring and panels that fit with the outside decor of your home have made this source of power a viable alternative. Best of all, switching to solar power in Louisiana can save you hundreds of dollars in your electric bill plus give you large tax credits.

Save the Environment

The other main benefit for utilizing the sun for our source of power is that it is far better for the environment- When you use the sun, you reduce the amount of fossil fuel used to generate electricity. When fossil fuel is used, carbon dioxide (C02) is created and released into the atmosphere. When C02 is in the atmosphere, it contributes to global warming. On the other hand, using solar power in Louisiana does not create C02 to be released into the air. Moreover, there is a finite amount of fossil fuel available and an unlimited amount power from the sun.

Q. How much does a PV system cost?
The cost of systems varies depending on how many kilowatts the customer wants the system to produce. Wilhite Solar installs a standard roof mounted system costs $25,000 plus sales tax and permits. A pole mount system has an additional charge. Best of all, government tax credits and rebates will reimburse you for up to 80% of the cost.

Q. What are the Tax and Rebate Incentives and Benefits?
Louisiana leads the nation in solar incentives. Louisiana provides a 50% RefundableTax Credit for the cost of a PV system (up to cost of $25,000.00) to a Louisiana residence or apartment project. The Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the TOTAL cost of a residential or commercial solar system. The State of Louisiana’s Refundable Credit means that you will be refunded that amount less state income taxes you owe to the State.

Q. Where can I get more information about state and federal rebates and tax incentives?
For a comprehensive list of incentives, rules and regulations affecting solar energy go to www.dsireusa.org

Q. Is financing available?
INTEREST and NO PAYMENT for up to 12 months which makes it easy and affordable. You can start enjoying the savings and benefits immediately.

Q. What is a PV system?
“PV” stands for PHOTOVOLTAIC energy. PV technology produces electricity directly from electrons freed by the interaction of sunlight with a solar panel made of semiconductor material. The power provided is direct current (DC) electricity. The basic building block is known as a cell. Many cells put together are known as a module, and many modules assembled together form an array. A PV system will consist of an array of modules generating DC electricity, an inverter, and sometimes battery storage back up with charge controller.

Q. What is an inverter?
There are two kinds of electricity, DC and AC. Homes that are connected to utility power use AC electricity. Flashlights, small radios and automobiles use DC electricity. In order for you to be able to use solar to operate the appliances in your home, an inverter will convert PV power from DC to AC. Inverters can be further classified as units that use batteries (UPS) and those that use the utility grid as power storage (Grid-tied). Inverters are now required to possess meters that will indicate their performance and some manufacturers supply remote display units that can be mounted inside the home. It is important to check on your inverter regularly to become acquainted with its operation and performance.

Q. What is a “grid-tie” PV system?
A “grid-tie” system is a PV solar system that is connected to the home or business and remains connected to the local utility company. The building uses the electricity being produced by the PV solar system first and if additional electricity is needed it is pulled from the local power company’s grid.

Wilhite Solar Solutions may connect your solar system directly into the wires of your utility. Since the “Net Metering Law” allows you to do this, you will actually be spinning your meter backwards when your system is generating more power than you are consuming. When you generate excess electricity (more power than you are using) it will enter the grid and be used by your neighbors. Your meter will tally the excess and give credit your account. After a year the excess credits are eliminated and you balance is adjusted back to zero again. In effect, if there are any unused energy credits at the end of the year, the utility received this solar power for free.

Q. What is Net Metering?
Louisiana enacted the Net Energy Metering (NEM) law, which allows Louisiana residents to “sell” clean solar generated electricity, produced by their PV solar system, to their local utility company. When your PV solar system generates more electricity than the home is using the excess electricity is routed through your meter back to the utility company creating a credit to you.

Q. Will my property taxes go up if I install a solar energy system?
A Wilhite Solar Power System will add to the value of your home and is exempt from property taxes.

Q. How long will the system last and does it come with a guarantee?
Solar PV panels have a 25 Year Warranty and a 50-year life expectancy. Most inverters have a 10-year warranty. Wilhite Solar guarantees to the installation for 5 years.

Q. How sturdy will the system be and what maintenance if any is required?
Solar panels are very durable. They are made from the same materials that the windshield of your car is made of. Solar panels require very little maintenance, which consists of keeping the panels clean. This can be done as needed and easily using a window washing solution attached to a power sprayer or simply rinsing the panels with a water hose.

Q. What about in the case of severe weather?
Our systems are designed to withstand 120 mph winds. Solar PV Systems are covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy for damage due to natural causes.

Q. How involved is the installation?
Wilhite’s certified solar installers sill usually have your system installed in less than a day for standard roof mounted systems. Pole mounted systems will require an extra day to install the pole. Generally, there is no requirement for special wiring or re-wiring.