Solar Systems


Process Pre-installation

1. Wilhite Solar Solution professionals will provide an energy assessment of your home for free. We’ll assist you in determining the best system for your needs.

2. Wilhite Solar Solutions professionals will determine the best location for your panel array.

3. State and Federal tax incentives will be explained.

4. Financing options will be explained including up to 12 months same as cash.

The Installation Process

Wilhite Electric Company is an electrical contracting company that has served Louisiana since 1975. Wilhite Electric’s certified engineers with solar certifications perform all the installations. There are no wiring changes or modifications needed inside your home. A permit is required from your parish’s permitting department. Upon completion of the installation, the parish’s inspector will inspect the system. Once inspected by the parish, your utility company will install a new meter. Wilhite usually installs a roof mount system in a day or two.

The panels weigh approximately 17 lbs each and are mounted on your roof or on a rack located on your property. They are attached to rails with sealing attachments and will not damage the integrity of your roof. Once the panels are installed and the wires have been run to the inverter, you will be linked into your local power company’s grid. This is all done under the power company’s supervision and with their help. After installation the only maintenance required is cleaning the panels four times a year.

The electricity supplied by your solar system is the same kind of electricity that you
receive from your local power company and you will soon recognize the savings.