Solar For Me

How Efficient Solar systems: the very term sounds technologically advanced and a bit out of reach for the average consumer. But as time goes on, even the loudest objections have become passé.

A solar power system can reduce or eliminate an electricity bill. For the customer who decides to purchase a solar power system, he or she may never see another energy bill again. Or, for the customer who prefers to finance a solar system, locking in a lower-than-average monthly payment will drastically reduce bills, especially as energy costs rise or fluctuate. At the same time, these customers will be doing their part to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gases.

It sounds wonderful, but how does one know if a solar system is right for them? Ask yourself, “Am I paying an expensive electric bill?” If your bill is manageable, you may not require solar. But if you’re paying over $100 per month for electricity, a conversation with a solar system provider is in order. Or maybe you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever the motivation, it opens the door for an in-home analysis by a representative and the development of a custom solution.

Our goal is to deliver solar power to the level of the average homeowner—to you. Two of the major consumer concerns:

  • Will it last?
  • What will is look like?

In both cases, Wilhite Solar is a stellar choice.